Payroll Services

Payroll Services with Quick Books ExpertiseFlorida QuickBooks affordable payroll services professionals. We offer payroll solutions to a multitude of companies throughout Florida and California. In addition, by hiring Easy Breezy Bookkeeping, business owners can be rest assured that their payroll is being handled by experienced bookkeeping professionals.

Save time for your bottom line when you outsource your payroll with Easy Breezy Bookkeeping Payroll and Tax, LLC. Your Florida payroll service provider.

Small business payroll solutions in Florida. Also, corporate business payroll processing in the United States and payroll processor in California

Payroll Services

  • Direct deposit set-up, ordering of checks, employee data input, set-up employee departments, set-up pay schedule(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly affordable payroll processing), set-up additions, deductions, HSAs, 401k, child support deductions.
  • Payroll processing 11+ employees $2.00/employee check, direct deposit fees additional. (bank fee)
  • Pay period reports provided, summary sheet, payroll check register, payroll summary by employee, payroll summary by employee by department, 941 tax payment confirmation, Florida new hire reporting documentation.
  • Quarterly payroll reports provided, 941 federal tax return, 940 federal unemployment tax return, state unemployment return, state withholding and other tax reporting documentation.
  • Year end payroll processing includes, W-2’s and W-3, 1099’s and 1096 reporting, 940 annual tax return, ACA compliance solutions and reporting, state filings and Florida new hire reporting.
  • Book payroll journal entries from processing, respond to Florida unemployment claims, child support withholding orders, process workers comp audit, e-File, payroll percentage report to income per pay period. File payroll tax returns.

Do you know your overtime laws?  Holiday hours and vacation days hours do not qualify for overtime pay .

Are you up to date with California sick pay leave law? Minimum wages in what counties of California? Your state tip credit?  There are many different payroll laws that need to be met. It is important for your company to obtain W4s for all employees that receive a paycheck from you. You must withhold FICA taxes from ALL of your paycheck employees.

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